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July 21, 2001

Since 1863, A Tradition of Forward Thinking 

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Tips to Beat the Heat
BNSF Today - July 19, 2001
Scorching temperatures across portions of BNSF's network are taking their toll, and since summer is just getting into full swing, employees should review safety and health precautions for hot weather. Heat stress, which occurs when hot weather, humidity or exertion add heat faster than the body can get rid of it, can be prevented by doing the following:
*  Eat well-balanced meals and get adequate sleep to help maintain the body's heat regulatory system. Minimize alcohol consumption several days before working in hot, humid weather. Alcohol promotes the loss of water from your body, contributing to dehydration.
*  Wear loose-fitting clothing that will promote air circulation and the evaporation of perspiration.
*  Drink plenty of fluids. Thirst is not an adequate indicator of how much fluid your body needs. Drink seven to eight ounces of water every 15 minutes during periods of heat load. Avoid sugary drinks like soda, and caffeinated drinks like coffee. Sugar facilitates the loss of electrolytes, and caffeine promotes dehydration.
      (Electrolyte drink mixes are available in single packets that can be easily prepared in BNSF's blue, 12-ounce water bottles. They are sold by the case and can be ordered through Vallen Safety Supply Co. with a BNSF item ID number.)


Division 13

La Crosse, Wisconsin

BLE Division 13 represents the engineers on the BNSF Railroad in the greater La Crosse, Wisconsin area.

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